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ISO 14001

Environmental                        Management


What is it all about ?

Environmental issues are now a highly visible, “hot topic; the media loves a good story based on contravention and pollution. ISO14001:2015 seeks to further integrate the standard into the mainstream life of business, the whole area is discernibly gaining in significance for both organisations large and small.

ISO 14001 Waste Management

Waste Management

There is strong focus on waste management controlled by strict guidelines.

ISO 14001 Environmental Protection

Protection of Environment

Improved efficient systems, creating less pollution and reduced energy consumption, making your business more sustainable

ISO 14001 Environmental Efficiency


Improve your brand reputation, reducing incident liability potential and lower your insurance costs.

Why would my business want approval against this standard?

Tenders – most tenders now ask about this standard. Being able to give a positive answer and show that you are certified and will give you more points during the tender adjudication, and hence improve your chances of winning.

Many organisations now have environmental improvement targets in place. These targets can include the performance of their suppliers and sub-contractors. Hence your customer may be reliant on you gaining certification and improving your environmental impact.

Most environmental good practice is now backed by legislation, so if you aren’t compliant you risk being fined as indicated above. An ISO 14001 based environmental management system should put the controls in place to make sure this doesn’t happen, and ensure that your systems stay up to date with the latest legislation.

ISO 14001


ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an effective environmental management system. Protecting the environment and reducing pollution has clear benefits for any organisation, large or small. Our consultants have particular expertise in associated industry, seeking to implement a bespoke system compliant with ISO 14001.

  • Ethical –  your organisation is seen as a good citizen

  • Economic – Your organisation will realise the enormous benefits that can come with saving money by conserving energy and reducing waste

  • Legal – Your company will remain compliant with Environmental Legislation which protects the reputation and brand image of your organisation

  • Commercial – Environmental credentials attract new business – many organisations purchasing products or services include environmental diligence within their supplier approval process.

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