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ISO 45001

Occupational Health

and Safety

What is it all about ?

ISO 45001 simply describes how an organization implements a systematic approach to Health and Safety Management.

ISO 45001 takes the form of a management system, in the style of  ISO 9001 and 14001, and applies this approach to the area of Health and Safety Management. This gives significant benefits as Health and Safety, specifically in low-risk environments, often gets forgotten or misinterpreted, occasionally with serious consequences.

Usually, only when an incident occurs, does the senior management team of an organisation discover that they have been operating illegally. To prevent this, the ISO 45001 structure introduces regular management audits and review, performance reporting, and formalises internal communication and competence assessment. These are typically weak areas in busy organisations.

ISO 18001 Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Effective health and safety standards to create better and more productive working environments with motivated staff.

ISO 18001 Reduce Accident Rat

Reduce Accident Rate

Reduce workplace accidents and illness to lower related costs and subsequent downtime.

ISO 18001 Reduce Risk of Fine

Reduce Risk of Fine

Identifying hazards and implement controls to manage them and therefore reduce the risk of fines

Why would my business want approval against this standard?

Particularly in manufacturing and civil engineering environments, compliance and certification against 45001being driven by procurement organisations. They see the standard as a means of reducing their own risks, particularly where sub-contracting is involved.

Reduction of risk used to be possible by sub-contracting – it became “the sub-contractor’s problem – not ours” However, in most cases, it no longer is, the lead procurement organisation now often retaining legal responsibility for the way its contractors and suppliers behave.

Many tenders now query this standard (they look to see if you have it). A positive answer and proof that you are certified against it by reputed  accredited certification body will give you a key advantage during the tender adjudication, hence improving your chances of winning.

Many procurement organisations have Health and Safety targets in place, linked to financial penalties. These can include the safety performance of not just them, but their suppliers and sub-contractors too. Therefore, your customer could well be depending on your performance to meet their, customer- imposed targets, as well as their legal obligations.

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